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I want to take this time on our last day of virtual school to thank all of our families and friends from the bottom of my heart for helping us take on the enormous task of teaching your children with us through the province's AT-Home Learning program. This has been a very unusual journey for all of us and one that I know we never in our lifetime expected to have to take.

I am struggling to express my feelings about how much we all miss the children and how difficult it is to see today as the last day of this school year. This is challenging because we are not ready to say good-bye to your children right now. We are not ready to end the school year and even more so not ready to end it on this note. As teachers we are desperately missing the fun of seeing your children being so excited about summer coming and anticipating their moves to their new classes. We are also missing the opportunity to take them on the last field trip adventure in the grade they are currently in and watching them as they enjoy discovering new things and sharing the experience with us. But, on a very positive note we do have a great surprise in place for all of our students when they are finally able to return to school.

I also want to take this moment to say goodbye to a very special group of students at CES. Our grade 5 class will be moving on to new and great adventures in the fall at AWEC where we know they will accomplish amazing things. This particular class of students started at CES the same year that I did. It has been my pleasure to watch them grow from the primaries that first got off the bus those many years ago. Their moments of perhaps nervous anticipation of starting their school adventures have changed to knowing they are competent leaders in our school. They will all be greatly missed by us. I think we can all agree that this was not the sendoff we ever anticipated or wanted for this incredible group of children. However, please know that we are working on a surprise for them in the fall as well and will have more information about this as we work out the details. We will also be mailing out a special package for them the last week of June, so please watch for this in your mail.

We had hoped to have a special goodbye for the students by inviting families to drive through the bus loop on the last day of school to wave at their teachers. However, this is currently not allowed as it would mean a gathering of too many people in one spot. So in the interest of remaining within best practices for NS Health we will be cancelling this event.

Your children’s report cards are scheduled to come out the week of June 22nd. They will be sent to your emails in the same way the 2nd term report was sent to you. I realize that there were some challenges in some cases to access the reports. I will be able to support you through this again so that you are able to read your child's report.  Please do not hesitate to contact your child’s teacher and they will pass the request on to me or to contact me directly at,

I also want to take this opportunity to thank all of the staff at CES who moved from teaching in classes in our beautiful school to working on programming for their classes at home. The staff all took on this new and unprecedented undertaking without missing a beat. Our office and library were kept running smoothly online in our new virtual world. Teachers immediately began working on websites, which was new and untried territory for them. Their creativity in providing material was an inspiration for me to see and also learn from. I enjoyed every Google Hangout class I was able to visit immensely.  I also enjoyed seeing all of the great projects and learning that took place in the grade 4 and 5 Google Classrooms. I also want to thank the EAs who were able to connect with students through videos. Also a huge thank you to the teachers and families that were able to contribute to our school Website. Our goal is to keep this new initiative going next year as well.

I have one more very difficult goodbye to say. This is to the team that has run our school so superbly for so very many years.  I know that all the staff and students share my pride in our school and how amazing it looks for being a building that is over 20 years old. It is maintained in this amazing way by Wayne, Becky, Reigh, and Trudy on a daily basis. Our school for those who don’t know was one of the P3 schools that essentially was leased by the province and the contract has come to its end. The province has purchased the school from Nova Learning. As a result this also ends our relationship with that company. Working with Nova Learning has been a true pleasure! They have been so incredibly supportive of us and all our requests to ensure the children have the best possible learning experience in their building and on the playground. This also means that Wayne, Becky, Reigh, and Trudy will not be part of our school life next year. This team has only ever had the best interests of our children in mind and I can’t imagine what it will be like for all of us to not see them in the school next year. Their leaving will leave a void in all our hearts as they are part of our school family whose absence will be greatly felt by staff and children alike. So on behalf of our staff, students, families and local community I want to thank them for everything they have given to us over the years and all the extras they did for us that were outside of their daily work world. They are at the heart of Champlain Elementary School and will be greatly missed and we wish them all the best in their new endeavors.

So in closing to all the students and families of Champlain Elementary School have a wonderful and safe summer and we will be here to welcome you back when we are able to return to school in the fall.

Jan Ross

Principal CES