Makerspace Challenge - Create and make your own Musical Instrument.....



The Music in You - Makerspace Challenge


Our entire school, grades Pre-primary to Five are being asked by Mrs. Smith to make/create their own musical instrument. Below are the two slides that outline her challenge. Please look them over carefully and then let your imagination take over. I know that you have all spent so much time with Mrs. Smith working on rhythm and beat. I know you have done so with a variety of instruments, vocally, and by using your body in dance. Now she would like you to think about what kind of instrument you could make that can be used to create your own rhythm and beat; to play, sing, and dance with. Once you have created your instrument please send us pictures of it, you may also send in pictures of you making it and using it. We would also love to see videos of how you made it and what it sounds like when you use it. If you are able to send pictures in I will be posting them on the CES websites Home page and Music page. 

Have fun and let your inner musician shine through!!